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We provide freshly made foods mainly from local ingredients.

Making good use of high-quality materials, we will make every item with one heart.
Meals are available at the restaurant on the second floor with table seats.
  • Dinner example

    Fried food,Foie gras radish,Joshu Joshu Beef Tataki
  • Breakfast example

  • Menu

    For breakfast, we offer a healthy menu such as freshly made tofu and miso soup with plenty of vegetables and mushrooms.
    • One case


      Ginger and Kavos liqueur


      Various miso pickles,Boiled Akagi pork,Bite sushi,Colin key pickles,Seasonal whitening etc.

      ■Vinegar dish■

      Plateau vegetable jelly


      Tuna,Yellowtail,Amae shrimp


      Steamed salmon and shimeji bean paste

      ■Western dish■

      Joshu Joshu Beef Roast Beef

      ■Boiled dish■

      Stewed beef cheek meat with red wine

      ■Steamed food■

      Shabu Gunma Prefecture Mochibuta Pork cold

      ■Hot pot■

      Chicken meatball pot


      Red miso soup


      Pickled Vegetables


      Panna Cotta Gunma Prefecture Blueberry
  • Drink menu

    Draft Beer(During ~)         605 yen
    Bite draft beer           165 yen
    Bottled beer (Kirin Asahi) 660 yen
    non-alcoholic beer       330 yen
    Sake(Hot 900ml)         638 yen
    Mt Tanigawadake(300 mm cold sake)      990 yen
    Mt Tanigawadake(180ml)          594 yen 
    Mizubasho pure rice ginjo(180ml)     825 yen
    Mizubasho Daiginjo Premier (180ml) 1,320 yen
    Wine red / white(750 mm)     3,300 yen
    Wine red / white(300 mm)     1,430 yen
    Glass wine red / white       605 yen
    Champagne (Moet&Chandon) 8,030 yen
    Champagne (half bottle) 4,290 yen
    Highball           660 yen
    Shochu(Wheat and potato)         583 yen
    Shochu Yamaneko(Miyazaki)     858 yen
    Sweet potato shochu Kurose(Kagoshima)     638 yen
    Rice Shochu Yamasemi(Miyazaki)     649 yen
    Barley shochu Yamazaru(Miyazaki)      770 yen
    Plum wine (rock soda split) 605 yen
    Blueberry sake (soda split) 693 yen
    cider(Domestic apple)     605 yen
    Oolong Tea           275 yen
    Soft drink         275 yen
    (Orange, apple, cola, ginger ale)

    *The above contents are subject to change without notice.