【Official】Kusatsu Hotel Annex Watanoyu

A little, enjoy a hot spring

Watanoyu was opened in July 2007 as an annex of Kusatsu Hotel founded in 1913, Watanoyu, also in the Kusatsu Onsen source, draw a rare source Wata-no-yu, a modern Japanese inn.
Sainokawara Park is located on the promenade along the Yunokawa river, which is close to Sainokawara Park. 5 minutes walk to the central Yubatake. You can enjoy the taste of Kusatsu Onsen
This is a small inn with 11 guest rooms, which is popular with guests who want to have a relaxing and peaceful trip.
There is also a lounge, books and footbath so you can relax and relax inside the facility.
At the Kusatsu Hotel next door, you can enjoy a one-day hot spring, and at the Kataoka Tsurutaro Bijutsukan (art museum), you can enjoy paintings.

About measures against coronavirus

  • About measures against coronavirus

    【Measures against the new coronavirus Kusatsu Hotel Annex Watanoyu】
    ① Alcohol for hand disinfection is installed at the entrance of the inn and the venue of the restaurant.
    (2) In addition to cleaning the facility and dining venues, we are strengthening the disinfection and sterilization cleaning of equipment such as handrails, door knobs, room keys, etc. that come into contact with customers' hands.
    ③ The customer service staff wears masks.
    ④ An acrylic board is installed at the front desk reception.
    ⑤ Body temperature is checked at check-in.
    ⑥ The restaurant offers side-by-side seats.
    ⑦ The bathhouses and geta boxes at the large communal baths are available exclusively for each customer.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

About Go To Travel Campaign

  • How to use STAYNAVI for direct reservation and HP reservation

    To participate in the Go To campaign, please click the image or issue a coupon from the URL below.
    1. Customers are requested to make a reservation at this facility by HP online reservation or telephone.Please choose local payment
    2. Customers will be asked to enter their reservation information on "STAY NAVI", and a coupon containing the reservation information and discount amount will be issued.
    3. You will receive a coupon notification email from "STAY NAVI".
    4. When you arrive at the hotel, please show your coupon and get a discount at the time of payment.

Inside this facility

  • Footbath main building 3rd floor

    The footbath on the third floor has an open atmosphere overlooking Kusatsu Town.
    Bandaiko is 100% flowing from the source.
    The tiredness of your trip can be healed by sipping a drink from the attached library corner and relaxing in a footbath.
  • Book corner 3rd floor of main building

    We have books of various genres, mainly photo books and poem books.
    There are also free drinks of cocoa and tea, and board games, so please enjoy your trip.
    It is also possible to bring it to your room.
  • Restaurant Information Main Building 2F

    The restaurant located on the second floor of this facility is open and has wide windows.
    Facing the Kusatsu Hotel's garden, you can enjoy a variety of gardens in each season.
    Currently, we are preparing side by side seats to prevent corona virus infection.
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Kusatsu Hotel Annex Watanoyu


469-4 Kusatsu Town, Agatsuma County, Gunma Prefecture

Telephone number



Get off at JR Agatsuma Line Naganohara Kusatsuguchi Station, 25 minutes by JR Bus get off at Kusatsu Bus Terminal walk for 10 minutes(Free transfer to bus stop)

Transfer available
Shuttle service is available between Kusatsu-Onsen Bus Terminal and this facility.
【Pick up】If you contact us when you arrive at Kusatsu-Onsen Bus Terminal, we will pick you up in 5 to 10 minutes.
【Send】9:30, 10:30 (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays only), 11:20 and 14:00.
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