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Inside this facility

Wrapped in the sound of relaxing nature and soft water, you can relax your mind and body ...

Kusatsu Hotel guest rooms overlooking the four seasons of the Kusatsu Hotel Garden and Sainokawara Park in the Sainokawara Park simply designed for a relaxing space.
Please be relaxed and wrapped in the stream of Yukawa.
All rooms are non-smoking.
  • Footbath main building 3rd floor

    The footbath on the third floor has an open atmosphere overlooking Kusatsu Town.
    Bandaiko is 100% flowing from the source.
    The tiredness of your trip can be healed by sipping a drink from the attached library corner and relaxing in a footbath.
  • Book corner 3rd floor of main building

    We have books of various genres, mainly photo books and poem books.
    There are also free drinks of cocoa and tea, and board games, so please enjoy your trip.
    It is also possible to bring it to your room.
  • Restaurant Information Main Building 2F

    The restaurant located on the second floor of this facility is open and has wide windows.
    Facing the Kusatsu Hotel's garden, you can enjoy a variety of gardens in each season.
    Currently, we are preparing side by side seats to prevent corona virus infection.
  • Lounge

    Espresso machine and barley tea self-service are available.
    At check-in, you can relax at the beginning of the day, before or after bathing.

    *Smoking is prohibited in all areas of this facility, and smoking areas are not provided.

Points to keep in mind when staying

Please be careful

① The use of this facility is limited to junior high school students and above.
(2) Up to 4 people can use each group.Please understand that it is a small inn.
③ There are no barrier-free facilities in this facility.There are steps at the entrance and in the guest rooms.
④ Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the facility.
⑤ The front entrance is locked from 23:00 to 6:00 the next morning.
⑥ Please refrain from staying with tattoos.